What is Footgolf?

Footgolf is a combination of soccer and golf. Players attempt to kick a standard, number 5 size soccer ball into the hole on a golf-style course. Score is kept the same way as in golf, with a pre-decided number of kicks being "par" for each hole. Players attempt to score as far under par as possible.

Who can play?

Short answer: EVERYONE! One of the joys of footgolf is that players of all ages and skill levels are invited to participate. While competitive “league” play is done with strict scoring, more laid back, informal games are played just for fun, meaning no matter your skill level you can enjoy the fun times on the footgolf links!

Who came up with this anyway?

There are conflicting reports of who "invented" footgolf with sightings dating back to the 1980’s in Switzerland and Scandinavia. There is a game from the 1920’s, codeball, with similar rules, though it’s unclear what, if any, relation it has to modern footgolf. The first codified tournaments, with the rules and uniforms as we know them today, were launched in 2008, in the Netherlands. The game quickly spread around the world, with the American Foot Golf League (AFGL) being recognized as the governing body for Footgolf in the US in 2015.

So why should we play Footgolf?

Because it's FUN! Footgolf is the perfect activity for just about any group, regardless of size, age or skill! It's perfect for birthday parties, company team-building, family get-togethers or just a random day of adventure!